It looks like a return to form in this first GRID gameplay footage

If you played the very first Race Driver: GRID game when it launched back in 2008 then it’s likely that you never quite recovered with any of the subsequent sequels. GRID 2 and Autosport just never lived up to the heights of the very first game, in particular the latter game. The heart of the first game was missing, but it looks like this new outing might just recapture what we loved so much.

What made Racer Driver: GRID such a special racer at the time was it’s feel of realism. You could hear the chassis of the car moan under the pressure of every turn you took. Each car had weight to it and every race was a fight right up to the chequered flag. City streets were turned into race tracks with barriers being just a threatening as your opponents. Nothing came easy in the game and a win was met with immense satisfaction. That challenge also introduced the rewind mechanic for the first time back then in a racing game. The below video will remind you of those glory days. Get your first look at street races in San Francisco and Shanghai showing off two different class vehicles.

Expect to hear and see more about this game as E3 approaches.

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