Join the Elite 4 once again & be crowned a Champion

Trainers get ready for Round 3 of the Pokémon Let’s Go! Elite 4 Challenge. Join other trainers in their quest to be the very best once more, and be crowned a champion. This month’s tournament takes place tomorrow, the 25th of May at the Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone in Sandton City mall.

This month’s tournament is slightly different though. Trainers will need to battle with one of the following – Fire, Water, Grass or Electric-type Pokémon in a double elimination tournament. All Pokémon will be raised or brought down to the level 50 cap, with only one Mega Evolution allowed per party. Also only one legendary bird Pokémon per party. Banned Pokémon include Mewtwo, Mew, partner Pikachu and partner Eevee. Good luck trainers.

Make sure you head over to the tournament website to register. There’s only 32 slots available.

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