Prepare for your first departure to the Stars…again

I remember first being introduced to the Star Ocean series on the PlayStation 2 with Star Ocean Till the End of Time. I loved it so much that I ended up purchasing two copies…got the second copy really cheap. I then jumped into the PlayStation 3’s Star Ocean The Last Hope, and thanks to a friend acquired two copies of this title as well. Sadly, I never got to experience Star Ocean First Departure, which was released (as a remake of the original Star Ocean on SNES) on the PlayStation Portable in 2008. Thanks to Square Enix though, that may soon be corrected.

Square Enix has announced what sounds like an HD remaster of the remake of First Departure coming to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, Star Ocean: First Departure R. There isn’t really much to go by at the moment in terms of trailers, but there will be additional content and new features being added to this retelling of a remake. With E3 2019 literally around the corner, perhaps we’ll get to see something soon.

Source: DualSHOCKERS

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