Rumour: The Last of Us 2 release date to be revealed end of May

The Last of Us 2 is yet to receive a release date and we’ve only been hearing rumblings. The rumour mill is starting to churn again and since Sony is skipping E3, we’re all wondering what they’re up to. However, we’ve recently received reports from Spanish websites Legion De Jugadores and Gamereactor that Sony is holding a State of Play on May 30th that will exclusively focus on The Last of Us 2 and will more than likely have a release date. Nibel on Twitter summarises the situation:

Take this with a giant grain of salt. The website in question cited “close sources at Sony” and there’s no evidence to back up the claims. But it isn’t too much of a stretch to think that it might be true. We’ll find out in a couple of days if these rumours are true, but I think it’s about time we knew more about this game and with the PS5 looming, I think it’s their last shot.

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