Mario Tennis Aces continues Nintendo’s fascination with Piranha Plant

Mario Tennis Aces is such a fun game to play. Not only is it the best Mario Tennis game in some time to play with friends sharing a couch, when you do manage to find an opponent online – you usually have some pretty great matches. Rather disappointingly, however, here in South Africa finding an online match has become virtually impossible. And so I (like many others) have almost completely dropped off the game. Nintendo, on the other hand, has not. They continue to make minor balancing tweaks and even add several new playable characters. And earlier today, we got a rather surprising addition to the roster:

Yip. It seems Nintendo’s fascination with the pipe-dwelling carnivorous flora continues. After the surprise addition of Piranha Plant in Smash Bros. Ultimate and Petey Piranha’s previous addition, Fire Piranha Plant will be joining Mario Tennis Aces next month. Leaf it to Nintendo to have one of Mario’s original enemies keep up with the thyme(s). Pretty fly, fire cacti.

I’m sorry.

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