Xbox Game Pass is heading to PC

If you were feeling a little left out on PC with gaming subscription services, the wait is nearly over. Xbox Game Pass, the subscription service that lets Xbox One owners play a library of over 100 games, is heading to PC.

The Xbox Game Pass for PC, which has the same name but is separate, will mean all Microsoft exclusives are available on launch day. There isn’t a list of games yet, but Microsoft is working with 75 PC developers and publishers, with big names like Bethesda, Sega, Devolver, Paradox and Deep Silver counted among them.

Those on Game Pass will also get discounts when purchasing games, if bought via the Microsoft Store will be a sweet 20% discount on games and 10% off add-ons. Microsoft is also looking at having studio exclusives on other storefronts, like Steam, for those who don’t want to touch the Microsoft store.

Microsoft will reveal more at E3 during the Xbox briefing

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