Game releases for June 2019 – With predictions!

Welcome to June! May was a really quiet month for games and this month’s releases is a testament to that since we’ve got quite the nice selection to talk about and we’re in the notoriously quiet release month due to E3 coming up. It’s a month of a lot of excitement, announcements and crazy nights for us that will be covering everything we can for you. But before the storm descends on us, let’s see what’s in store for us during the half year checkpoint.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – PS4, Xbox One, PC – June 18, Switch – June 25

Heralded as the spiritual successor to the original Castlevania games, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night comes to us from original creator Koji Igarashi. The game was launched on Kickstarter and very quickly managed to take off, becoming another high profile success for the platform. The game adheres to old school Castlevania 2.5D side-scrolling action with exploration being a big deal.

It’s what old school fans wanted and from the footage, it looks really fun. There’s always some hesitance with these Kickstarter games since Might No. 9 was such a disaster, but the game has seen some real promise from its early beta versions. We’ll see if it’ll be a success, but old school fans should be overjoyed.

Prediction: Like I said, old developers making similar games to the games that made them famous isn’t always a sure-fire win. The way the game looks, I’m thinking 8/10, but it can go anywhere.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – PS4, Xbox One, Switch – June 21

The only other kart game that gave Mario Kart a run for its money is back and looking better than ever. Crash Team Racing was an excellent racer back when it released so many years ago and now it’s getting the remake treatment to bring it into the modern age. We have some new feature namely online multiplayer, kart selection, customizing options and more adventure modes. There’s also more tracks and karts from previous Crash racing titles.

There’s a big gap in the market for a multi-platform kart racer since Mario Kart is only on Nintendo consoles. Crash was the only marsupial that gave you that and given the success of the remade trilogy, it was only a matter of time before this game graced us with its presence.

Prediction: I’m going with a solid 9/10. With the trilogy being so good, I think the kart racer will be ever better. It’s all about the fun and I think this little racer is going to have barrels of it.

Judgment – PlayStation 4 – June 21

Judgment is a game that comes to us from the Yakuza studio and the game wears its heritage on its sleeve. It’s essentially a Yakuza game in form and function with similar combat mechanics and our seventh or eighth return to the wonderful city of Kamurocho. But instead of being jacked Yakuza members, we’re now going to be a jacked private investigator named Takayuko Yagami.

The game has been out in Japan since December and has already received big praise from official outlets and fans of the Yakuza series and thanks to the localization, we will be experiencing the story for ourselves quite soon.

Prediction: 9/10. That’s about what the Japanese review sites gave the game and I don’t think it will be much different. The Yakuza games are always awesome and to have it with a brand new story is just a recipe for success.

Super Mario Maker 2 – Switch – June 28

Creativity is a beautiful thing and it’s always good to hone it. When you can have fun while doing it, you hit the jackpot. That’s the philosophy of Super Mario Maker 2, allow people to create the craziest levels that their mind can come up with and see if the world can beat it. If you don’t want to create, you can also just play.

The original game was on the Wii U and the sequel will follow along the same trajectory as its predecessor. However, there are some extra goodies such as a Story Mode which was lacking in the previous game. You’ll be able to go through 100 created levels in an attempt to fix Princess Peach’s castle and I think that is exactly what this game series needed. While it’s fun to just create levels, going through a curated story can give you some inspiration and it’s just a very worthy feature to try out. I look forward to seeing all the crazy levels people come up with in the near future.

Prediction: I think we have another 9/10 banger on our hands. It looks gorgeous, fun and like it can really give us regular people the right tools to be game designers. And the Switch is just the perfect platform for it.

F1 2019 – PC, PS4, XBO – June 28

Guest written by Dawid because I have no idea:

Yes, it’s another annual release to join the FIFAs of the world. It’s just that, to date, Codemasters are yet to blunder a pit stop. They’ve somehow managed to improve on each game every single year and 2019 looks to be no different. For the first time F2 will be introduced, whereby you can race through an entire season and finally move up the ranks to the pinnacle of the sport, F1.

It’s by far the most exciting bit, unless you’re keen on filling the legendary shoes of Senna or Alan Prost and replaying history.

Prediction: With a track record that is as solid as a Mercedes Benz win on race day, the prediction is real simple. I don’t expect it to score much lower than a 9/10.

Let’s look at the other releases for June:

  • Petoons Party – PS4 – June 3
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr – PC, PS4, XBO – June 4
  • Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa (US) – PC, PS4, Switch – June 4
  • Trover Saves The Universe – PC – June 4
  • Warhammer: Chaosbane – PC, PS4, XBO – June 4
  • Hell Let Loose – PC – June 6
  • MotoGP 19 – June 6
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 – PS4 – June 7
  • Octopath Traveler – PC – June 7
  • Battle Worlds: Kronos – Switch – June 11
  • Triton Survival – PC – June 14
  • World End Syndrome – PS4, Switch – June 14
  • Another Sight – PC, PS4, XBO – June 18
  • Mini-Mech Mayhem – PSVR – June 18
  • Vacation Simulator – PSVR – June 18
  • Muse Dash – PC, Switch – June 20
  • Tech Corp. – PC – June 20
  • Captain Cat – Switch – June 21
  • Heavy Rain – PC – June 24
  • Monster Jam Steel Titans – PC, PS4, XBO – June 25
  • Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch – June 25
  • My Child Lebensborn – PC – June 27
  • The Sinking City – PC, PS4, XBO – June 27

And that’s your bunch of games for the cold month of June. It’s not much, but my predictions never went below an 8 and we have some nice variety as well. It’s definitely the best June release post I’ve written yet since the month is usually a ghost town because of E3. Enjoy all the excitement and announcements, it’s always a magical time of the year. We’ll be very busy getting all the info you need, so stick around.

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