Celeste’s free DLC will have over 100 levels

Celeste’s upcoming DLC has been in development for a while now and anyone that has fallen in love with the ultra-hard heartwarming platformer is looking forward to it. We’ve been getting some loose updates here and there, but we didn’t really know the scope of the game’s final DLC. Thanks to Matt Thorson, developer on the game, we have some more information to get excited about:

That’s a lotta levels. It seems they’re sending the game off with a bang with this final chapter and it’s going to be huge. Also, hard agree on not giving the DLC a release date before they’re 100% sure on it, I think the gaming industry at large can learn something from that.

Also, just to state it again, this DLC will be free for anyone that owns the game on PC, Xbox One, Switch and PS4. The game has also swept up quite the number of awards during its release year so if you for some reason haven’t tried this awesome little game, you owe it to yourself.

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