Big improvements are coming to the PS4’s Party system

The PS4’s party chat has always lacked something compared to how smooth it is on the Xbox One. The times I was in a party, the audio quality wasn’t the best and it cut out quite frequently. But never fear, Sony is actively looking to improve their party system and the changes they want to implement in the next firmware update to the PS4. The post detailing the changes can be found on the PlayStation Blog, but here are the highlights:

  • Increased maximum Party participants from 8 to 16
  • Improved audio quality for voice chat
  • Improved network connectivity

Additionally, we also have some interesting things happening with the PS4 Second Screen app. You can now enter text that will be read aloud to your party members and you can also chat into your phone and have the app transcribe what you say to your party members in text. Unfortunately, this feature is only for US English speakers at this time.

The PlayStation Blog also asked for testers for this new firmware update, but once again, it’s only available to residents of the US or Canada making us ineligible. However, the proposed features were things that were definitely missing from the Party Chat experience. More people is always good and like I said at the beginning, some big changes need to be made to the quality and connectivity which is exactly what’s happening.

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