Epic Games Store exclusive Metro Exodus appears on the Windows Store

Well that’s awkward now, isn’t it? Metro Exodus was one of the first games in the whole stink that Epic created with their rampant exclusivity deals. The problem, in this case, was that Metro Exodus was already available for pre-order on Steam and fans had an issue with spending money on one platform and then being told no, go to a different one. We’ve since got an avalanche of Epic Games Store exclusives and they have admittedly gotten better at softening the blow.

However, it seems that the Epic Games Store exclusivity is not as ironclad as we thought since the game also appeared on the Windows Store recently out of the blue, as you can see here. The prevailing theory right now for why the game is suddenly here is that this might be part of the Xbox Game Pass on PC since the game’s release is on the 9th of June. And something big that’s also Microsoft related is happening on that day.

I think Metro Exodus found itself in a loophole between companies since the game is still available on Microsoft’s console platform, but Microsoft also has a PC platform. Whatever the case may be, the thing we’re sure of is that Metro Exodus is technically not an Epic Games Store exclusive anymore, well before its proposed end of the deal. The game will appear on Steam again in February 2020 and that’s quite far away from June 9th.

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