Four moments from E3 2018 that remind us why we hype

Hype might be a bit of a dirty word for some at this point, but let’s face it, there’s nothing like being swept up in euphoria and excitement that comes with E3. Announcements may come and go with some games completely missing the mark, but nothing matches that feeling of reveal after reveal. There’s always something that gets you into that E3 mood, whether it’s the return of an icon or the reveal of something new. E3 is E3, and I think that’s all that can be said.

E3 2019 is, however, going to be a little different. We’re kicking it off a little early with a brand new player while some of the old guard won’t be making their expected appearance. There’s a bit of uncertainty of what to expect this year, but it’s difficult to not find something that will tickle your fancy. So while we eagerly await what’s on its way, let’s remember a few exciting moments from E3 2018

Xbox announces… studio acquisitions

On gaming’s biggest stage it’s just expected that you announce some big new games are on the way. You bring out your old faithful, show off something people haven’t seen for a while and keep people interested in the future. One thing we don’t tend to see is companies flaunting their business acquisitions without much else. We’ll see collaborations sure, but announcing that you now own specific big name developers? Bold play. In any case, these simple announcements meant exciting things are in the future for Xbox and now we should get to see them come to fruition at E3 2019.

Another Skyrim port

You have to appreciate the self-awareness here. Throwing this trailer to your audience and having it stick so well is something to be proud of and definitely something to remember. Sadly we don’t have Alexa to play Skyrim. While Bethesda might not be in everyone’s good books at the moment, hopefully, they plan to show the same self-awareness here in order to win back some favour. Even though they could announce a version of Skyrim for the Tesla, they should probably focus their efforts on fixing some of their games instead.

Musical performances

Now we probably won’t see anything on the levels of Sony’s Pipe Guy this year, there are definitely some different acts in store for us. These sort of things give us a bit of a change of pace and let us have a breather between reveals. Sometimes they can feel a little out of place, but they definitely keep things exciting and in some cases build up the anticipation. Hopefully there are a few interesting performances this year, just maybe stay away from magic tricks for this one.

“We nailed it!”

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a pretty big title and it was announced before E3 2018. During Ubisoft’s conference, we finally got to see some more of it as well as got some details about the interesting direction the game is taking. Everything the game’s presentation was pretty exciting but do you know what made it hype? A technical error. Someone either forgot or was a bit too slow to cut the mic of story designer Gabrielle Shrager, but her excitement as she exclaimed “We nailed it!” after leaving the stage made the moment hype. Sometimes the people behind the games are as excited as we are and it’s awesome to see that come out.

I’m going to mention this because I can: The Nintendo E3 Smash Presentation

So this is going to be the opposite of what some people might think is a hype moment, but I want to put this one out there anyway. While many were trying to get as much out of the door as they could during their conferences, Nintendo bucked the trend. Nintendo knew they had the best game on their hands, so they knew you had to see everything about it. This might have upset some fans who were hoping to see more, but for others, they got everything they needed. E3 2018 was for Smash Ultimate and the only way Nintendo could make you realise it was to show off an obnoxious amount of it. Smash Ultimate was all Nintendo needed to show and if nothing else, it at least got you a little interested in Smash.

Now I could go on forever about individual announcements (or even individual ones, thank you Capcom for the Devil May Cry V reveal) but let’s pass it over to you. What moments from last year’s E3 got you hyped? No matter how big or small, let’s share in the excitement that comes from the event that reminds us of how great games can be.

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