Rumour: Now Geralt’s voice actor is teasing Witcher 3 on Switch

Just over a week ago a big rumour dropped that we might be seeing The Witcher 3 coming to Nintendo’s very popular Switch console. This news came via Chinese localisation at the time, so wasn’t really much to go with. However, now we have another hint that it might actually be true.

Doug Cockle, the man who voices Geralt, dropped this little hint on Twitter:

That does not outright say that it’s happening. It could be that he’s just pouring more fuel on the fire to leave fans of the game open for disappointment by being your typical online troll. On the other hand it could be quite real. With E3 being so close you just never know what is real and what is fake, though The Witcher 3 running on a Switch console (without it being streamed), sounds just about impossible without major downgrades.

In under a week we’ll finally be able to put many of these rumours to bed.

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