They Are Billions campaign The New Empire arrives on June 18

They Are Billions, the survival RTS from Numantian Games, is releasing its campaign on June 18 and they weren’t kidding about it being something substantial.

It is the year 2260 and humanity hides away in a city inside a massive crater, but it is time to push out, to colonise new lands, kill lots of zombies and find ancient technology and outposts to further the cause of the empire and humanity.

Numantian Games has hinted at the size of the campaign before and judging by the overworld map and the technology tree we see in the cinematic, they weren’t overselling things. Welcome to a decidedly Warhammer world, where humanity faces incalculable odds, searching for scraps of ancient forgotten technology for any edge against the neverending tide.

For the glory of the empire, it is time to build walls, defend against zombie hordes and find out what humanity did that resulted in this terrible new dark age.

Numantian Games recommends you take a month off to play the new campaign, which launches alongside two new maps for the survival mode: The Deep Forest and The Caustic Lands.

You can buy They Are Billions in Early Access on Steam now.

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