E3 2019: PC Gaming Show

Sean Day[9] Plott and Frankie Ward hosted this year’s PC Gaming Show, which went off without many hitches or too much awkwardness. Besides for what felt very much like an infomercial showing off a Samsung curved 240 Hz monitor and a gaming chair piece, things were focussed on the games with no game getting too much time on the screen before moving on. Get some coffee and have a seat, we have 30 games to go through

Evil Genius 2 World Domination (Early 2020)

We see a trailer of bad guys arriving on a beach with a hidden facility. Here inside a volcano, you train mooks to become robbers, specialising in various skills for breaking and entering, including practising carrying those very large cumbersome sacks full of loot. A special agent tries to break in and gets stopped by big, funny traps, which include a massive fan pushing people into a wall of lasers, with the backup of a trap floor that opens into a shark tank. Defend your base and send your henchmen to go steal from the whole world. Who knows, you might sell the British Royal family, or bake Alaska too.

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 (Q1 2020)

Brian Mitsoda and Cara Ellison, the senior narrative designers of VTM: Bloodlines 2, showcased a world exclusive of gameplay. Paradox Interactive and Hardsuit labs are working to bring the next story to this game that has been requested by fans for many years. You start as you are turned and warned that whatever you do, you don’t break the masquerade. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your death.

All blood isn’t the same in this world. Vampires feeding on specific blood containing resonance. This resonance is created by how the human feels, adding a taste to the blood, like a connoisseur of wine would enjoy the bouquet. Vampires chase this resonance in order to feel the same things as the emotions attached to the blood to feel alive.

Many of the newly turned are going through vampire puberty alone without guidance, thanks to some force turning new vampires en masse. These droves cause a problem and not everyone is handling the process as well as you are.

Mitsoda mentions the immense pressure of following up a game with such a big fan following and demand for greatness. Hopefully the team lives up to the mammoth task in front of them.


This game comes from Chucklefish with Ominux. It is a game set in space, where you work to manage a colony, seeing to its demands and wants. Build, manage and expand your base, send out colonists on rescue missions, but beware pirates that might try to take down your rescue missions or attack the colony itself. Build little farms, look after colonists and decorate their rooms and prepare to be the best space boss. Or the worst.

Chivalry II (Early 2020)

Interestingly, both these developers (John Gibson of Tripwire and Torn Banner’s Steve Pigott) started as modders and they were really interested in working together. Chivalry II is on the way, so sharpen your sword and get ready to do battle

For those who missed the first game, Chivalry is about first-person melee in a medieval knight setting. In the sequel, you will siege castles, raid villages, kill peasants, burn houses and more as you live out fantasies of being a knight, a peasant, a brigand and more. They have added horses for more strategy moments and interesting options on the battlefield.

For the sequel, they revamped combat, movement and animation systems for readable, fair and satisfying fights with weight. The game promises to be more accessible and the pace is quicker. The developers know that they need to find a balancing between mastery versus casual fun, acknowledging that 50% of players get are drunk.

Mosaic (2019)

An adventure game from Raw Fury that taps into the overwhelming greyness of the modern world, with its constant marketing push and everyone doing the same thing for the same reason. Drowning and trying to get out of this grey world with an idle clicker game as the premium best entertainment source. Mosaic is releasing on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this year.

Midnight Ghost Hunt

Samuel Malone of Vaulted Sky Games is a one many army/developer. In Midnight Ghost Hunt, we see ghost hunters with EMF readers and proton cannons. Ghosts move through objects in the game, using them to kill other players. Ghosts try to hide away until midnight, but might take on lone hunters if they get the chance. Hunters are like detectives looking for ghosts, using a footprint tracker and a radar. Inspired by a Garry’s mod mod called Prophunt, but the props can fight back now. If a single ghost survives for 4 minutes, the clock strikes midnight and the lights go out. Dead ghosts come back as vengeful spirits, which are very powerful and ready to kill the hunters. Hunters have to survive 4 minutes to evacuate, but generally, the spirits win after midnight, so hunt quickly.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy

A game by Big Sugar, this is a Roguelike sequel. Explore beautiful worlds, forests, cliffs, fight bandits and probably die. Then try a different path. Wind, avalanches, wolves and large fantasy beasts stand in your way as you explore this weird alien world with giant hand statues in the desert, or a massive head floating just under the surface of a large lake. Some of the beasts can break walls to help you get around, so be clever if you want to explore.

Conan Chop Chop (September 3)

Philip Mayes of Mighty Kingdom is here to tell you that Conan Chop Chop is actually real. Yeah really. It looks great though. This 2D roguelike uses stick figure, chibi art of Conan and his heroic friends. Hack and slash your way through hordes of enemies for gold and loot, shop in town, and just bounce around. Coming September 3 to most all major platforms.

Last Oasis (September 3)

Earth has stopped rotating in this post-post-apocalyptic multiplayer game. It will have a player-driven economy. Players make use of wind-powered vehicles and crank-powered turrets to battle it out in large battles for dominance. Massive sandstorms can hit the battlefield, and in this case, hide an even bigger vehicle. Get ready for a planet where you have to run away from the burning power of the sun. Available September 3.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall (August 6)

This video of Age of Wonders: Planetfall showcases mechs, zombies, dinosaurs with lasers and angry aliens. Game director Lennart Sas and Tom Bird discuss this new 4X game. Each race starts with a spaceship, which becomes your capital colony. Find ancient world relics but be careful what is inside, from zombies to brain-eating viruses, technophage or just crazy drones, this world is not kind or nice. The tech tree adds modules for units, social doctrines, and a big part of it is the secret technology for your faction, which shapes their future. Combat zooms into the fight, where things play out in turn-based combat.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

From the makers of Sniper Elite 4. Shows an agent setting a trap by a doorway to protect themselves from zombies. Nazi Zombies. One has a flamethrower and a pentagram on his helmet. A sniper kills a zombie with a headshot, showcasing that gorgeous but violent bullet-time from the Sniper Elite games. A generator gets started to power up defences. One guy picks up the flamethrower from the dead enemy. Electrified fences and traps help the players survive the zombie hordes as the spirit of an angry Zombie Hitler watches.

Remnant: From the Ashes (August 20)

A title from Gunfire Games. We see a world where a massive root system is taking over the world, corrupting everything. Demonic enemies with massive claws, roots sprouting from them, magical horns and some with extensive body modification. President and co-founder of Gunfire Games Dawid Adams explains the premise of this co-op action shooter. Go on an odyssey, start on Earth but things get worse. The game uses scripting to stitch parts together, meaning different quests for different playthroughs. Gear is defined by bosses you fight, so gear will reflect your journey and shape your playstyle. If you want to see different stories or get different loot, play in a friend’s world to see new stories and enemies.


A new title from Klei Games. This is a tactical game using cards for various attacks and interactions with other characters. It is a tactical fighter with that Klei stylishness we have all come to love. Get ready to duke it out and get some real alien-looking people to join up with you as you take on bandits and all sorts of enemies in the Griftlands.

Planet Zoo

Piers Jackson (Game Director) and Liesa Bauwens (Senior Artist) showed off some Planet Zoo gameplay. Look after a modern zoo with the most realistic animals created. Zoos are made to be educational, look after the animals, care for their welfare and teach visitors of the importance of the planet, the ecosystem and looking after endangered animals. Toys for the monkeys remind me of the tech to build rollercoasters in Planet Coaster.

Shenmue III (November 19)

Legendary game developer Yu Suzuki arrived on stage to show off Shenmue III and to thank all the fans that have loved his games over 20 years. “The wait is nearly over,” he said in English for himself after showing the Kung Fu fighting of Shenmue III, which releases on November 19.

Songs of Conquest

Based on Heroes of Might and Magic, Coffee Stain Studios and Lava Potion are working on a new game that plays on some of the elements that we love from those older games. Using pixel art to create this beautiful top-down 2D view of a world. We see undead roaming the world and a small city with towers. Lead Designer Carl Toftfelt explains some of the mechanics of the game. You go out on adventures with heroes called wielders and upgrade your town. Magic is called essence and you need the essence from troops for your wielders to cast spells. This means that sometimes it will be worth deciding if an enemy squad is more dangerous because of its attacks and positioning, or because of the essence it provides the wielder with. Do you go for the potent spells or the potent unit first?

Vermintide 2 Versus

A new threat rises. You. A new versus mode arrives in Vermintide 2, making the co-op game about taking on massive hordes become a bloodthirsty battle as you find that fool who always messes up in the late game and smash him into pieces. No, I don’t have salt issues, you do.

Per Aspera (2020)

Terraform the planet. A Raw Fury and TLON Industries game called Per Aspera. Build a base on Mars, starting with a single drone you will build up a facility across the red planet, collecting resources and power to fuel your work all over the planet. Turn the red planet green, so that humans can go to a new world that they hopefully don’t choke with plastic. Again. It releases some time next year

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey (August 27)

Patrice Désilets came on stage to talk about his game at Panache Digital set as far back as you can really go without looking at things crawling out of the water. Expand your territory, grow your clan and evolve closer to homo sapiens, getting as close as Australopithecus afarensis as You write your own story. No minimap with dots, no guides. You must grow, evolve, learn and migrate while becoming the best proto-human you can be.

Auto Chess

Auto Chess is heading to the Epic Game Store and mobile, so that you can play it anywhere you want. Loring Lee of Dragonest described how amazing the game is and how everyone is playing it. If you don’t know what it is, maybe now you will take a look and jump into the action.

Cris Tales (2020)

Cris Tales is essentially a love letter to JRPG with an amazing mechanic. See the past, present and future on a single screen and see how your decisions change the world. Will you follow this path, knowing where it will ultimately lead and do to the people there? It has a beautiful art style that draws you in. Now to wait for 2020 for Modus Games and Dream Incorporated to let us play in the present while watching the past and future. Will release on all major platforms.


This heavy metal 2D platformer features big fights, big guns, big enemies, big explosions and big metal riffs. Take on aliens, hazardous environments, deadly mechs and kill everything with pretty crazy weapons. Digital Uppercut and Steel Mantis bring us Contra that grew up playing Warhammer 40K and listening to heavy metal.

Borderlands 3 (September 13, 2019)

Creative Director Paul Sage came to talk about Borderlands 3 and answer a few questions from people watching on YouTube. Sage spoke a bit about the gunner, Moze with Ironbear the mech. The mech can use a minigun, flamethrower or railgun, letting you choose how you want to take the fight to your enemies. A big change is coming to grenades, which will have multiple mods instead of always being a single mod. Class mods will give you skills and enhance others, making them more valuable to you and making the choice change up gameplay a bit. Artifacts add things to movement, like explosions when you slide or an effect when you mantle up somewhere. Guardian rank is like Badass rank but you also unlock skins and skills and the rank applies across all your characters instead of being toon specific. Multiplayer is drop-in, drop-out and yes, you can still duel for those bragging rights.


Eat. Explore. Evolve. Go from a bull shark pup to the top of the food chain in this Tripwire game. Scaly Pete is the villain in this title. He is the best shark fisherman and he has a history with you. The developers call it GTA if you were a shark. Get ready for lots of puns and fun in this SharkPG: with growth, life phases and evolutions: Get metallic teeth to tackle those pesky boats like a Kinder surprise or mutated lungs so that you can go have a picnic on the beach. Yeah things are really weird but it looks like a lot of fun.

Terraria: Journey’s End (2019)

Terraria isn’t done yet with Journey’s End, a new expansion to the game. Play Golf. Go fishing. Fill a bestiary as you kill everything. Master Mode will challenge veterans with new tricks and harder boss fights. Or just chill with friends and fly a kite. As if this game hasn’t taken up enough hours in my life…

Telling Lies

From the creators of Her Story comes Telling Lies, a game that follows a similar idea of diving into footage to unearth the truth. Creator Sam Barlow, and producer Logan Marshall-Green talked about the new game. The story follows a woman who has stolen an NSA hard drive. This drive has conversations between four main characters. It is up to you to find the lie. You still track words like in Her Story to go through the masses of footage. You scrub through clips for the words you want to search, building up a net of stories. The game has over 10 hours of footage, so expect a lot of time exploring. The game says it is “coming soon.”

Warframe Empyrean

Space mom Rebecca Ford came to talk about the future of Warframe. Codename Railjack is nearly upon us, and the update will be called Empyrean. Pilot a bigger ship (a railjack) to travel the solar system and take on big ships and bigger fights with your friends. This update is all about co-op play and going back into space after a fair amount of time spent planetside in large open-world areas. The full reveal is on July 6 at TennoCon. If you watch the Twitch stream for 30 minutes, you will get Nekros Prime free.

Genesis Noir

See the big bang. Go exploring in a noir world, going from jazz bars to the stars. Or is that a jazz bar in the stars? Things are rather abstract and weird and there is a lot to take in when watching this short trailer for Genesis Noir, a multidimensional game that explores things from the big bang to now.

El Hijo

El Hijo uses an isometric view as you sneak in shadows and under tables. Use toys and tricks to escape monks as a little girl. For example, use your cattie to cause noises to distract the monks but be careful, there are other adults blocking your way. HandyGames, you have our attention.

Baldur’s Gate 3

I am still battling to parse that Baldur’s Gate 3 is an actual real thing, so I am glad Swen Vincke (founder of Larian Studios) and Mike Mearles (creative director of D&D) keep showing up to remind me that it is real and happening. They were rather coy on the details, but it is 100 years after Baldur’s Gate 2, so don’t hope too much for Minsc and Boo. The game starts outside of the city. It is based on 5th edition rules, but modified for being a video game without a dungeon master with a few things added to give Larian the tricks and tools it likes. Mearles mentioned that there is a tabletop saga that is a prequel to Baldur’s Gate 3. Get ready to play a pen and paper game and go from level 1 to level 13 as you decide the fate of Baldur’s Gate.

If it has the letters RPG in it, I am there. Still battling with balancing trying to play every single game that grabs my interest, getting 100% in a JRPG, and devoting time to my second home in Azeroth.

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