Here is an in-depth look at the Elite series 2 controller

Last night Microsoft finally revealed the upgraded version of the Elite controller that has been rumoured for well over a year now, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. Major Nelson sat down with Geoff Keighley on his show called ‘Gameslice’ to discuss what is new.

If you missed the announcement last night you’ll be impressed to hear that it comes with 30 new ways to customise the controller. The tension levels of the analogue sticks can be adjusted to your liking (it can be different for each analogue stick), there are now three game preset modes and the battery will last up to 40 hours with one charge. They only touched briefly on the wireless charging dock, but in the video, we get a bit more info on that. It now also uses USB-C, which is going to make life much easier for users. There’s even a port connected to the case itself that’ll allow you to charge your controller while sitting safely in its case. In other words – you’ll never have a flat controller.

The rubber grips now wrap around the handles even more than before. So, let’s hope that it doesn’t peel off the controller as I’ve personally experienced and has become a worldwide problem that affected many owners. It’ll come in at $179.00, so expect it to be around R3,000 when it arrives on our shores.

Here is the initial reveal, in case you missed it:

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