New Smash Bros DLC character reveal teased during pre-E3 tournaments

This year Nintendo started off their E3 festivities by running a series of video game tournaments. In order to get everyone excited about their upcoming E3 Direct (on the 11th of June at 6 pm here in SA), Saturday saw Nintendo’s Splatoon 2 World Championship, a Super Smash Bros Ultimate World Championship 2019 (3v3) as well a special Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational takes place. For those interested (as posted on the Nintendo of America Twitter account) GG BOYZ from Japan took the Splatoon 2 crown. Team Japan walked away with the top Smash honours. And Youtuber AbdallahSmash026 won the SMM2 invitational

It’s quite a bit of fun to see some real pros tackle the games in this format. However, probably of more widespread appeal is that some big Nintendo names tend to make ‘appearances’ (live or via recorded message) at these events and often give us some information about what to expect during the Direct. And for Smash fans (as detailed by Tom Marks writing for IGN) both Masahiro Sakurai and new Nintendo of America President, Doug Bowser, seemed to confirm what we already expected: that the new SSBU DLC character would be revealed during the Direct. Sakurai spoke about how “more information” regarding the new fighter would be discussed during the special Direct and Bowser added:

“I think many of you are going to want to tune in next week to see what or who he may be talking about!”

So let the speculation begin – who do you want to see added to the roster? Let us know in the comments section below.

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