Code Vein gets a September release date

It seems just about every game we can think off is getting a release date at E3 this year, and one of the upcoming Anime Action RPG, Code Vein. There is very little doubt where this game gets its inspiration from, but it certainly looks cool and promising:

Code Vein takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where only vampire-like characters, called the Revenants, remains. They fight to survive and need blood to sustain themselves in order to prevent turning into The Lost.

There’s a definite Soulsborne vide here, but Code Vein do see to provide a lot more direct plot. It also looks stunning, with an unique art style and aesthetic to it. It is a dark and grim looking world, that just begs to be explored.

Code Vein will release on 27 September this year, which sees it slotting into what is already becoming a very crowded holiday release window.

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