Get your squad ready! Watch 18 minutes of Ghost Recon Breakpoint gameplay

Up until now we’ve only seen some scripted gameplay footage mixed in with bits of cinematic footage here and there. Fans of the Ghost Recon series had many questions. How does the camo work? Is the new ability to cut a fence as simple as it looked in the original footage? Just how tough will the new foes be with Skell Technology by their side? A lot is answered in the below video.

Arkezz Gaming uploaded 18 minutes of their time with the game at E3 and it must be said that it looks like the evolution of Wildlands we have been expecting. But, first things first – good luck trying to look past those pretty red flowers swaying in the wind. The game received huge graphical upgrade from Wildlands. The four members work together to take on the elements and everything that Skell Technology can throw their way. It seems the Skell Tech is real potent and comes with some advanced AI that will make all battles a mission to overcome.

Early on you’ll get to see that there is still enemy tagging involved, something that was absent from the earlier footage, and you’ll get to see the fence cutting in action. It seems easy enough. Before long the squad jumps into a helicopter and flies off to a new dangerous area where they’re confronted by an AI-controlled tank. By going prone on the ground the simple press of a button will camo your character. The person we’re watching tries to take on the tank with a Sniper (fail), but later discovers a rocket launcher to finish the job.

Unlike Wildlands it seems you’ll be picking up some loot on-the-fly (similar to what you would have experienced in The Division) and there will also be a bigger focus on in-door areas than before. Night and thermal vision returns to aid you in these battles once again, but you have to be careful in terms of your health. Seems that you might have to repair a wound mid-battle if things get a bit rough.

It’s all looking real polished. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint launches on 4 October for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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