Microsoft aims to have a first-party game every 3 months

Microsoft’s recent showcase was a good peek into their future. The company is really stepping up their game and delivering content at a fast and furious rate with their subscription service and their unified platform strategy sees us being able to play games wherever we want. They’re ambitious, but I think Microsoft is still holding out on us since they have their next generation console Project Scarlett in the works. However, on their first party games front, it seems they’re looking for consistency over everything else.

The head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty sat down with IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey and Booty was asked what their plans are regarding the frequency of first-party releases. McCaffrey said, “Every three months feels about right.” He then clarified that statement further:

I think about like how long you spend with a game and just sort of the cadence of discovery there. So if you can do a game every three months, and if a game takes somewhere between two years and four years, I mean, just think about things that have come out recently, you know, things like Red Dead and God of War need to be getting into five, six years. Right? But let’s just say for the sorts of studios, like a Ninja theory or a Double Fine that two, three years starts to be the cadence, right?

So, then if you’ve got a game a quarter and you’re taking two to three years. You can kind of back into the math and say, well wow, you probably need somewhere between 10 and 12 studios. But… making games is not yet a perfect science, right? There’s no creative endeavor that is. So there’s going to be things that take longer. There’s going to be some things that we start and say, hey, great idea, but it just isn’t, you know, the Jello doesn’t want to set. Right. Um, and so I think we need some, some buffer in there, right? So the first, that’s kind of my basic answers. We’d love to be feeding a high quality game into game pass about every three months.

As Booty explained, this strategy is mostly to appease Game Pass holders. When people start getting bored of one game, it won’t be long before another one gets released. Using basic maths, we can say that four first-party games will release a year which is much more than what Microsoft has been offering thus far.

The world of game subscriptions is still relatively new and new strategies need to be implemented to keep people subscribed. A solid frequent release list is paramount in that and I’m starting to believe that Microsoft will become even more of a juggernaut.

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