You can soon have any Gamertag you want, even if it already exists

“This username is taken, would you prefer to have BigDaddy696969420 instead?” The world of Gamertags has been messy since its inception since millions of people wanted their tag to be “Reaper” but only one lucky so and so was able to claim the original clean name. With millions more joining, the bucket of names has gotten pretty sparse. However, Microsoft wants to change this completely in a very under-hyped new system for their Gamertags.

The new system takes inspiration from Discord and Blizzard and their systems for allowing people to have the same name. After any given name, there will be a unique code suffix generated. For example, mine would be MGTHABO#1234. So in the case of multiple people choosing one name, they will just get a code identifier after their tag to indicate their unique identity. This will allow you to essentially choose any Gamertag you want.

Nothing will change with current Gamertags, but once the system is released, you will get a number suffix next to your tag. The number won’t be shown too prominently so your unique name will still get the spotlight. The system is already available on the Xbox PC app and we can see it in action:

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It’s a very elegant solution to a growing problem since if only one person claims a name, it’s gone forever. Many people wait for old Gamertags to expire so that they can claim them as soon as possible, but in the future this won’t really matter anymore.

Microsoft plans to roll this out on console over the course of the year with the Xbox PC app beta getting support already.

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