CD Projekt Red share more details about The Witcher 3 on Switch

The announcement that our favourite monster hunter/lady killer Geralt is coming to the handheld Switch console was quite the shock considering, you know, the game is absolutely massive. It boggles my mind how they managed to make a mobile version of The Witcher 3, but thanks to the game’s Twitter account, we have some more details on the sacrifices they had to make in order for this to be possible.

Firstly, the game will run on 540p in handheld mode and 720p in docked mode:

Next up is the game’s physical size which had a lot of people curious:

And finally, unfortunately, you cannot use cross-saving or other data from other versions:

That’s about what we could have expected from the game considering it’s The Witcher 3 on a console the size of two phones that you can take with you to the toilet. 540p in handheld is going to be rough since that is literally half as good as the base version game on other consoles, but thanks to the small screen the effects shouldn’t be as noticeable. 32 GB is also really respectable considering both the game’s expansions will also be included.

It’s still a technical marvel how they managed to get one of the biggest and most beautiful games on such a tiny console, even if some sacrifices had to be made. We can expect The Witcher 3 on the Switch sometime this year even though the official date is still unknown.

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