Monster Hunter devs are trying to minimise the gap between console and PC versions

If you were a PC player, or knew someone who primarily played games on PC, you probably heard or experienced the frustration of waiting six months for Monster Hunter: World. Six months is a long time to have FOMO, long enough that some PC players ended up getting in on the action on console. As in they went and bought a console and a copy of Monster Hunter: World.

Talking to producer Ryōzō Tsujimoto at E3, PC GamesN asked about the delay between the PC version and console updates, which is happening again for Iceborne.

“We know that the title updates for console have taken a while to reach PC, which is something that a lot of PC players have given us feedback about. We’re going to try and see if we can work out something better for that schedule and see how we can make improvements. Don’t feel like you’ve haven’t been heard, but we’re not quite ready to announce specifics just yet.”

Iceborne is releasing on consoles in September, with the PC release still set as “winter”. So Merry Christmas, we guess?

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