Five unforgettable moments from E3 2019

So many people wrote E3 off before it even started. Without Sony and Activision joining the show, many thought it would turn into a forgettable footnote in gaming history. To the contrary, it provided some of the most amazing moments in the history of this show and for a change, it wasn’t negative or cringe-worthy. E3 2019 was a wholesome event filled with good feels. Below are the five moments that’ll be etched into our minds for years to come.

Helen, the assassin granny in Watch Dogs Legion

No one on earth saw it coming. We all knew it was going to take place in London and that we would be able to control various characters, but no one knew the lengths that Ubisoft would take with their next game in the series. A sweet old granny ended up being the standout moment. The way this tech-savvy granny hobbles about and tazers bad guys will go down as one of the best moments in a trailer. Helen is our hero and we can’t wait to beat the living snot out of foes playing as her.

Keanu Reeves – You’re breathtaking!

This is really the moment that announced that E3 2019 was officially here. As soon as Keanu Reeves was unveiled in Cyberpunk 2077 and walked onto that stage, the whole world lost their minds. It wasn’t long before we all found out that Reeves really is that adorable guy the internet has been making him out to be when he read the script in his own chilled way. This followed with a now famous interaction with a member in the crowd. Keanu Reeves was always loved by most gamers, but he has now become a man of legend and it’s all thanks to this unforgettable moment

Ikumi Nakamura tells us a cute spooooooky story

With conferences generally filled with big corporate hypeometers we were not expecting this from the Bethesda conference. Shinji Mikami walked up on to the stage and announced that his studio was working on a new game, Ghostwire Tokyo. He then introduced the director, Ikumi Nakamura, and this is when she unveiled her lovable personality to the world. Instead of acting all corporate, she let the audience know that she’s really nervous and then followed through with a gorgeous take on what gamers should expect in her upcoming ‘spooooooky’ game. Every word was from the heart and at no point did anything feel scripted. She was as real as E3 got in 2019 and we all love her for it. Bring her back next year, Bethesda!

Bowser dupes Bowser

Nintendo is known for being extremely quirky. Now that Reggie is gone, the man in his position, Doug Bowser, is taking his last name to the next level and having a bit of fun. Right in the beginning of the Nintendo E3 Direct the deputy general manager of Nintendo, Yoshiaki Koizumi, introduces Bowser. Suddenly Bowser (as in Mario’s foe) shows up in a red tie and all. Braghhh bragggh, mouthing off something really important to the camera. Doug Bowser then shows up to let him know that they weren’t referring to him and he has to leave the stage. Feeling like a bit of a moron Bowser moves to the left, only to be told that he should exit where Doug Bowser walked in. If anything it was the perfect play on Bowser’s personality. The big bad guy has a heart and they made him sad… and he looked like a fool again. Great play, Nintendo.

Bam Bam, the adorable doggo

It was all about big names at E3 2019 and Jon Bernthal also made a showing at the Ubisoft conference to tell us more about Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It was really cool seeing the guy show up there in person, but there was a bigger deal than him. It came in the form of a dog that lied calmly next to him. Bam Bam is Jon Bernthal’s own dog who he adopted two years ago. He’s since been very outspoken about pit bulls and what amazing dogs they actually are. Bam Bam, sat there quietly, looking at all the hooomans in front of him with lots of interest, but not once did he disobey his master. There is no gooder boi than that. We just want to hug him. Bam Bam has his own Instragram page if you feel like following something really cool.

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