It will be possible to play Cyberpunk 2077 without killing anyone

Last year CD Projekt Red said that you could’t complete Cyberpunk 2077 as a pacifist. It appears that after feedback from last year’s demo, the team decided to actively work on changing that to allow those wanting more options or a pacifist run exactly that.

Lead quest designer Pawel Sasko spoke with VG247 and based on surveys from the E3 2018 demo, they decided to make the change. “That was the feedback from you guys actually, because the surveys that we got from you guys, we always check that, we really check them, and there was something that was appearing there.”

“And we were like, we can cover it actually, it’s just a bit more work, and when we can figure it out’ and we made the decision, okay, fuck it, just let’s support it completely, in every quest, every side quest, minor quest, every street story, absolute, literally in every possible scenario, you don’t have to kill.”

So when Cyberpunk 2077 releases in April next year, you will be able to play it your own way. Whether that means playing as a sneaky pacifist, or hacking people so that they explode or blowing brains out while huffing hypostims, the choices will be up to the player to work out.

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