No Man’s Sky fans bought a billboard to say thanks to Hello Games

Nobody ever foresaw the disaster that was No Man’s Sky. And then nobody ever expected it to claw itself out of that pit of mediocrity and become what it was promised to be. The once ridiculed game is now at least respected in the gaming community thanks to the avalanche of updates that the game received post-launch. Those updates ranged from fixes the game desperately needed to full-on expansions and reworkings of the entire game. The level of post-launch support is almost unheard of and it’s certainly not going unnoticed.

A bunch of fans of No Man’s Sky and Hello Games set up a GoFundMe with one simple goal in mind. Put up a billboard in front of the Hello Games LTD office in Guildford UK. The whole project was spearheaded by the game’s Reddit community over at r/NoMansSkyTheGame and they hope to get a billboard up by August 12th and also buy the team a case of beer and lunch. At the time of writing the goal was $1,750 and as already raised $3,000.

There’s nothing much else to say about this story, we have a dedicated and passionate community that just wants to thank the people that brought them joy. It’s little gestures like these that makes us remember that the world isn’t ruined just yet and that there are still good people out there. And it also stresses the importance of being supportive. The Hello Games team went through a lot after their botched launch and I believe it brought a tear to their eyes to see fans want to do this for them just to be kind. And sometimes we need to hear these feelgood stories to remind us that not everything out there should be grim.

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