This Tesla racing game uses the real-world steering wheel to steer

Games in your car is a thing now. That is if you own a Tesla. It’s something that’s not available in South Africa just yet, but it’s expected to arrive by the end of this year. In a discussion with Geoff Keighley who was hosting panels at his E3 coliseum event and Todd Howard, Elon Musk dropped the information on some games that’ll be coming to Tesla cars.

Why was Todd Howard there? To confirm that Fallout Shelter will be heading to Tesla cars. It’s the perfect game to waste some time while waiting for someone to arrive. That said, the game that surprised the most was a little racing game called Beach Buggy Racing 2. It’s a simple arcade-like title where you can take down your rivals using weapon pickups. It’s all good and well until you realise that the game is being controlled using the steering wheel.

According to Musk the brake pedal will work too, though the gas pedal is connected to the scroll wheel. The last thing they want is someone to hit the gas pedal, while stationary, to go flying forward and causing an accident. Also, it’s quite obvious that this game can’t be played in that manner while you’re driving. Still, it’s an interesting take on racing games and we’ll probably see more sim-like games taking advantage of this in the future.

The below video is time-stamped, but if it fails to work, head to 13 minutes.

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