Gears of War movie will not be based on the games

Gears of War is a franchise where it’s actually quite shocking that we haven’t yet seen a movie of it. The movie has been in the pipeline for over a decade, but the project never got off the ground. However, recent interest has picked up in the movie again and it seems they’re getting serious about it. Rod Fergusson, the head of The Coalition said to IGN that they’ll be basing the movie in an “alternate reality” away from the main game franchise and “has to be a great movie first and a Gears movie second.”

He continued, “Basically the way that we sort of reconciled that was, we said, ‘Oh, the movie should be an alternate reality. It should not be dependent on the game story, nor should it influence the game story.” They want to create this movie to be its own separate entity and I can completely see how they can pull it off. Gears of War already has offshoots from the game franchise with novels written about the game and there is a lot to draw from that universe without sticking with Marcus Fenix and the gang.

This is both good and bad news. Bad news for those of us that wished it’ll be a re-imagined version of the story and characters we love, but it’s good news that they’re going in their own direction and focusing on a good movie rather than just pandering to fans. I know we don’t have a lot of faith in video game movies, but at least we’re moving away from having them be based on games and be terrible because they don’t know how to translate games into movies. This new direction might spell big improvements in this often ridiculed space of entertainment.

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