Monster Hunter: World Iceborne beta incoming

Prepare yourselves Hunters, for the first taste of Ice! Capcom yesterday announced that coming this weekend and the weekend following, will be the first and second betas for Monster Hunter: World Iceborne. The first will be open exclusively to PS Plus players running from the 21st of June to the 24th. The second beta will be open to all PlayStation players from the 28th of June to the 1st of July. All I want to see is the Tigrex please!

Hunters will also be able to try out the new tool known as the Clutch Claw. Or as Scorpion would say…”Get over here”…although you’ll be getting over to the monster instead.

The release date for Iceborne is the 6th of September. With PC Hunters receiving the game closer to the winter season…our summer here in South Africa. With a new story (following the events after the main game), an introduction to a new rank, the Master Rank, and a ton of new Monsters, Hunters have quite a bit to be excited for.

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