Gears 5 will not have a season pass or Gear Packs

With so many games and developers getting highlighted for predatory practices (or Surprise Mechanics) it is worth pointing out developers that aren’t using lootboxes. The Coalition discussed upcoming systems that will be in play in Gears 5 in a blog post and we can say goodbye to the season pass and Gears 4’s Gear Packs.

All post-launch DLC maps will be accessible to all players, making it easier to matchmake and organise play with friends. There are still things to buy if you want: you will be able to purchase cosmetic items using Iron, a currency that can either be earned through the Tour of Duty system or with your hard-earned cash. The Tour of Duty system is a lot like a battle pass where you have daily challenges and seasonal medals to work on to unlock cosmetics. Unlike most battle passes, there is no premium tier that you need to pay to unlock. Reaching a new tier will be rewarded with Iron, so you can buy the items you want with some effort instead of coughing up.

Boxes called Supply Drops can only be earned through play. These boxes can have duplicates which are converted to Scrap, which you can use to craft items found in Supply Drops.

Back on the list of buyable things, there are timed boosts for sale. Double multiplayer XP, double character XP and double Supply Drop progression can be bought with real-world money. That last one feels a bit counter to saying you can’t buy Supply Drops or anything involving RNG, though.

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