Gran Turismo Sport gets first rain footage

Gran Turismo Sport is one of those games that had a really rough start. The online-only components made things weird and the game didn’t really have that much content on launch. However, in the one and a half year time period since the game’s release, things have really turned around, More content, more options, more stuff and just enough to turn it into a respected simulation racing game. The game is still being supported to this day and it seems they’re finally adding rain to the game after all this time.

In a recently released video from the game, we have some direct footage from Coque Lopez, a professional sim racer, driving a Peugeot RCZ Gr. B on a rainy Red Bull Ring. Check it out:

The game had a damp track to its name already, but fully-fledged rain hasn’t been seen until now. Obviously, we can see it exists and looks pretty so it’s only a matter of time before the official update drops sometime in the future. Those that initially brushed off Gran Turismo Sport should maybe give it a shot given all the improvements and additions the game went through since launch.

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