Agent 47 is heading to New York City in new Hitman 2 level

Hitman 2 may have had a couple of pitfalls, but the game is still being supported to this day and you cannot deny Crystal Dynamic’s dedication to their stealth gaming masterpiece. It’s a game that widely flew under the radar even though it’s one of the most innovative games of our time with the absolutely dizzying amount of ways to take out targets.

The game still has some expansions planned and the first of those is set to come out now. Yes, by the time you read this, the new level should be available. The level in question takes place in New York City and is called The Bank. As you might have guessed, the level takes place in a massive bank packed with security and you know where there’s security, there’s an Agent 47 waiting to steal their clothes. Check out the trailer:

The new level will include new campaign missions, new challenges and all the goodies you can expect from any given level in Hitman 2. You’ll need to find all the creative, sneaky, loud and fun methods to dispatch your target into the afterlife.

Hitman 2 was one of my surprise hits of last year and I’ve been preaching its gospel ever since. The game is highly underappreciated and if more people just saw the scope of the killing options you have, they might be on board. However, I shouldn’t talk like the game is a failure, it has still been a resounding success just with less people playing it than I hoped. The game is cheap these days, so pick it up and give it a go, will you? Maybe try this nifty New York level while you’re at it.

The mission will be a part of Expansion Pack 1, the Expansion Pass or a part of the Gold Edition for the game on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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