Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will have dynamic difficulty to help duos and disconnects

Monster Hunter World’s difficulty scaling is finally getting a much needed update. Once Iceborne releases, losing a player to a disconnect will no longer be as devastating, and duo groups will be a lot more feasible.

Currently the game has two difficulty scaling settings; content is scaled for playing solo, or for playing in a group of four. This makes playing co-op pretty tough, as you are fighting a monster balanced for four people.

Capcom is tweaking the system and increasing the difficulty slider’s granularity by one. Now there will be a difficulty for duos, meaning two players can go out and hunt together without needing to do the damage of four players to defeat a beastie. On top of that, the difficulty will dynamically scale if you suffer from disconnects. So if you lose half the group, you won’t be left in a pickle. If you only lose one? Well, tough luck.

The dynamic difficulty will apply to the whole of Monster Hunter: World, but will only be active once Iceborne launches in September 6 for consoles. PC players have to wait until the end of the year.

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