Five lies we tell ourselves

Sadly, even though we spend so much time hopping into other worlds trying to uncover the truth, we haven’t removed or reduced our capacity to completely lie to ourselves. Sometimes it is small things, almost inconsequential little white lies, while other times, wow, a therapist would love to hear more about how you did those mental gymnastics. Here are a few lies we tell ourselves while playing games, and will probably use sometime very soon.

Does anyone have some strong coffee?

Just one more turn/quest/level

We have all been there, I think. You look at the time as you yawn. It is late, or bedtime or very close to bedtime. But you are having so much fun. Your friends are all online, and you are so close to levelling up. Then you do that quest, which leads into another, and your bag needs sorting aaand it is an hour or so later and the time until your alarm goes off in the morning looks all too soon.

Of course I will remember exactly where this puzzle is.

I will remember where this is later

While playing games we often encounter areas that we are supposed to only explore later. Be it a place you will need double-jump for or a tunnel that leads to monsters a dozen or more levels above you, or a strange door that needs a special key. How could you forget something like that, which you know will be important later? Yet given time and enough map being explored, you can’t remember where that place was, at all. It was somewhere with… green grass and a cave? Oh damn, why didn’t I just write the place down or leave a note on the map?

You laugh, but think of your time in battle royale games…

I don’t have time for a long game

I laugh at this one because I hear it often. It probably needs a little context, as there are people who genuinely don’t have time for long gaming pursuits or at least, need something that they can step away at with short to no notice. However, there are times when a friend (or even I catch myself doing it) says: “I don’t have time for a long game” while we are playing an MMORPG, or some other evergreen game that revolves around sinking a lot of time to get the rewards you are really after. Saying you don’t have time for a 40-hour-long game while you level your SEVENTH alt through the latest MMO’s expansion is a bald, ugly lie.

No this is not my screenshot. Leave my bags alone.

I’m saving this item for later

Are you battling to loot everything because your bags are too full? Did a chest just close again because you have 99 of that item already and you can’t go over that limit? This covers everything from hoarding those elixirs, megalixirs, to hanging onto crafting materials and quest items for something you will get back to one day. Yeah one day was several years ago now, maybe those bags need some spring cleaning, or you could use a few of those nice items in a boss fight.

This is how I picture most MOBA players mid-game if they are losing.

I hate this game

When playing Dota 2 with some friends, I would hear this a lot. We would be losing, or at least, be playing against a pretty solid combo that knew what they were doing. Someone would shout “I hate this game!” in chat, before laughing off the loss and firing up another match. I think they probably meant they hate that current match that was kicking their ass, rather than hating the game. But maybe they really do hate the game and it is some kind of weird Stockholm syndrome that needs to be looked at.

There are probably a lot more lies that we tell ourselves, but this might be revealing a lot more about me. Maybe too much about my habits. So tell me if you have caught yourself spinning a lie to yourself, or recognise yourself in any of these.

If it has the letters RPG in it, I am there. Still battling with balancing trying to play every single game that grabs my interest, getting 100% in a JRPG, and devoting time to my second home in Azeroth.

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