Bend Studio already hiring for its next AAA game

Days Gone released a couple of months ago to somewhat mixed reactions from both critics and players, but it is selling pretty well, which means Sony will be willing to throw more money at Bend Studio, the folks behind the open-world adventure game.

A recent job listing opened up on the Bend Studio LinkedIn page, advertising a producer position for its next big game. The usual qualifications required for a game producer are listed, but the interesting thing is mentioned of the game being made for the PlayStation 4. The odds are good that this was just a typo, or that they’re just keeping tight-lipped about the next PlayStation console:

“We are seeking a Producer who will be relied upon to collaborate with senior producers, creative leads, and studio directors to develop, maintain and execute on project planning for your teams. You are the strategic thinker for your team, get out front and lead. The ideal candidate will possess a combination of project management, communication skills and a passion for making games. Help us create our next AAA title that will set the PS4 apart from the rest!”

There’s no news or indication that Days Gone will receive any story DLC, so it makes sense that Bend Studio will be moving on to their next big project. Whether it is a Days Gone sequel, or something else is anybody’s guess, but there are some suggestions that it could be a return to the Syphon Filter series.


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