The Surge 2 has directional parry and Soulsborne-like player messages

Deck13 is hard at work on The Surge 2, and how released a nice look at how the gameplay is shaping up. Head of design Adam Hetenyi guides us through a new area for the game, which isn’t limited to a facility, but in the city itself.

Sometimes a direct attack isn’t the best idea, as being outnumbered or overpowered will cost you your life. Finding a different route, causing mayhem to distract or lure in a lone guard and watching your surroundings will be key to survival. To help with this (or hinder, possibly) The Surge 2 will have asynchronous multiplayer messages like many would have seen in Dark Souls. Messages can be spray-painted on the walls to tell other players of danger or some juicy loot.

A new directional blocking mechanic that requires timing and an idea of the attack angle makes for a great high-risk, high-reward fighting style, where you can parry the blows of even the biggest foes. Get it right and you have a nice opening to press the attack.

The Surge 2 is set to release on September 24 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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