According to a new report, Sony sees the PS5 as a niche product for ‘serious gamers’

On Saturday a Wall Street Journal report by Takashi Mochizuki provided some more information on Sony’s goals regarding the PS5. While it could be argued that nothing is groundbreaking about what Sony Chief Executive Kenichiro Yoshida said, it is interesting to see how Sony wants to position the PS5 going forward. It short: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

As explained by Sammy Barker writing for, Yoshida continues to see the PS5 has a ‘niche product’ aimed at the high-end market. They, therefore, want to continue to target so-called ‘hardcore’ gamers; Those that always want the latest and greatest. Accordingly, they intend to devote most (if not all) their energies into big exclusive games. While it’s almost ridiculous to hear the massive PS4 install-base called ‘niche’ – the recent success of titles like Spider-Man and God of War means it’s hard to argue with the reasoning.

And while this may not what be what smaller indie developers want to hear – the recent upsurge of indie popularity on Nintendo’s Switch console may provide some solace. For now, it seems Sony is happy for the Big N to take the mantle. According to Liam Doolan (Nintendo Life), a Sony rep even went so far as to say that they do not consider Nintendo to be a direct competitor when it comes to market share. Instead, long-time rival Microsoft still takes those top honours, and with the advancement in technology, Google may soon enter the picture too.

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