Some indie devs would rather you pirate their games than buy from G2A

Grey market key reseller G2A is making waves in the industry again, this time due to an aggressive advert push for certain games, meaning the G2A link sits above the publisher’s own link to the game in question. Some indie developers are fed up with this and have taken to Twitter to voice their frustrations and hopefully inform a few people. Some devs even went so far as to say they would prefer you pirate the games rather than give money to G2A.

SA Gamer has covered key resellers, specifically G2A, several times. These grey market websites sell keys collected in any way, from bundles to review keys to people that have the game already getting rid of them for a few bucks. However, they also include keys obtained via credit card fraud and other means and none of the money made by G2A reaches the developers of these games. However, the support queries, like where their game went if a key is revoked because it was purchased using a cloned card or a compromised account, falls straight onto the developers, costing time.

Mike Rose of publisher No More Robots said that he would rather G2A didn’t make any money off of their games, which give nothing back to the developers who made the game in the first place. Rami Ismail of Vlambeer agreed, pointing out how much time it costs to do customer service when people end up with fake or deactivated keys.

Developer Squid Game, Mode 7’s Paul Kilduff-Taylor and Stray Bombay’s Chet Faliszek all mentioned criticism of the key reseller.

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