Tabletop Tuesday: Sushi Go!

I don’t eat sushi. I love fish… but the raw equivalent just does not sit well with me. So when I saw a card game about sushi, I was simultaneously intrigued and put off!

Sushi Go! is a fast-paced “pick ‘n pass” card game for 2 to 5 players. The goal is to get the best combinations of sushi dishes on your plate. Get the most maki rolls or eat a complete set of sashimi. Or perhaps aim for a portion of points from your favourite nigiri combined with wasabi to triple in value. Those with a sweet tooth will also enjoy themselves because you cannot skip the dessert, otherwise, you will lose points!

How does it work?

Depending on how many players at the table, you deal a certain number of cards to each. There will be a deck of extra cards in the middle. The game starts with each player choosing one card from their hand and placing it face down in front of them. All players simultaneously reveal their selected card.

Sushi Go! rule book.

Thereafter, the remaining cards in the hand of each player are passed to the player on their left. This process continues until no cards remain and then the scores are tallied. This marks the end of round one. The played cards are discarded and new ones are dealt from the centre deck. Three rounds are played.


Take the simplicity and cuteness of this game with a dash of wasabi. There is a good amount of strategy to be used here. All chosen cards are open for the whole table to see. This gives ample opportunity to analyse the strategy of other players and put a chopstick in their plans.

With the many point scoring combinations, you can decide which strategy you want to adopt and decide on which sushi you want to collect. Your plan might need to change halfway in if the cards you crave don’t make their way to you. Maki cards give players with the most of them at the end of the round more points, so players can get their hands dirty to obtain them. The same goes for collecting the most puddings, as the player with the least amount loses 6 points! The proof is in the pudding, I guess.


Sushi Go! is great as a quick game snack while you wait for your meal. Or perfect as a refresher between two larger games. The speed and possibility of strategy that this cute game entails makes it a desired course on every table. Because it is so small (both in size and in price) it is a fantastic game to take with you everywhere. And really it is the most original gift for a sushi lover!

The simple rules do not inhibit new players from enjoying the game and the cute pictures are the icing on the cake. This is also a great game for kids to learn strategy.

Get Sushi Go! if you crave some Sushi or want to add a light-hearted card game to your collection.

More Sushi!

If you prefer a buffet dinner, you can get the Sushi Go Party edition!

This is a larger box and extended version of the standard game with new cute dishes such as mega maki, super sashimi, edamame, more desserts such as green tea ice cream or fruit dishes. You still make point-combing combos, but now you put together a menu from more than 20 delicious dishes prior to each game. In addition, you can now play this tasty game with eight players.

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