The Burning Question: What game in recent years deserves more love?

It’s only normal for us all to fall in love with the latest and greatest games in the world and talk about them day and night. It’s what makes this industry so exciting – sharing your experiences with like-minded people. There are, however, some games that don’t always get the attention they deserve. Games that are fantastic, but that either launched in the worst possible time of the year alongside big behemoths or that did not quite have the budget to help it keep its head above water. Some games just deserved more love.

The first game that comes to mind for me is Prey (the recent reboot). When anyone asks me what the game is like I basically answer with this, “It’s Bioshock, but in space”. It’s not 100% correct, but to me, that’s the best way to give it some credit. Prey did not get a raw deal from critics, mostly. It’s sitting at a 79 Metacritic, so it was quite loved, but thanks to it not meeting the 9s people expect, it just never ended up being played by most people. That is the raw deal.

My plea to you is to give it a go. I don’t want to touch too much on the story as it’ll pull your attention all over the show when you least expect it, but it’s surely one to experience and one you’ll never forget. Playing with the glue gun for the first time and discovering those pesky mimics is a captivating experience. Morgan Yu, the protagonist, comes with a host of abilities that’ll see you using both weaponry and Typhon abilities to destroy the foes you’re up against.

In my opinion, there is no greater injustice in the last few years, than the lack of care for Prey. The Hitman reboot and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider are the other two games I believe deserve more love and attention from you all.

So, what game(s) do you think deserves more love?

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