New GRID game delayed to allow for more marketing

The GRID franchise has always been a bit of a black sheep in the racing game world since it had a great showing with its first two games and then just kind of disappeared off the planet. However, Codemasters is bringing it back and while we all expected it in September, the game has recently been delayed to October 11th. 

The reason for the delay is a bit more complicated than the usual “oops we ran out of time”. Here are the official statements from Codemasters: 

With Grid receiving multiple nominations and awards at this year’s E3 event in Los Angeles, including being named ‘Best Racing Game’ by Game Informer and DualShockers, the change has been made to give added exposure to a game we’re hugely excited about.

With a little more than three months until launch, our Grid and Codemasters channels will be revealing more information and gameplay and big announcements, with more major news coming In the next couple of days.

Essentially the game was held back to make way for some more marketing. It’s a surprising move, but one that makes complete sense. The general public needs to be reminded that this franchise exists and that it can bring something new to the table with this reboot. The delay isn’t too catastrophic, so fans who have been waiting for it shouldn’t be too disappointed. 

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