Director of Fire Emblem: Three Houses says completing one house takes 80 hours

Are you ready for a whole lot of Fire Emblem? During an interview with JeuxVideo at Japan Expo 2019, Fire Emblem: Three Houses‘ director Toshiyuki Kasukihara and game producer Genku Yokota, it was revealed that finishing the game with a single house takes 80 hours.

“To end the game with just one of the three houses, it took me 80 hours. I did not cut the vocals or cutscenes, of course. So if you want to do the three paths, it can take you more than 200 hours.”

Players that want to see all three endings will have to do stretches and some serious training if they want to complete this marathon of a task. Getting another ending is quite the carrot to dangle in front of people.

Three Houses puts you in the shoes of a professor who takes charge of one of the three houses at the Officers Academy. Each house has a favoured weapon, which will shape how you approach combat and your fighting style. Besides picking a house for weapons, players might pick a house based on the various house leaders and students, as Fire Emblem players are known for having strong relationships with those under their charge, and possibly being the reason why they end up in the grave. You monsters. Luckily there is a difficulty option to make sure that bae doesn’t die during a fight, or you can even use Divine Pulse while playing with permadeath on to save that special someone from a lucky stray arrow.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is expected to release on July 26 on Nintendo Switch.

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