Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony looking for production alternatives to China

Unless you’ve been under a rock in some very dark cave then we’re assuming that you are well aware of Trump’s 25% import tariffs he’s imposed on China. This has played havoc with most tech-driven business sectors as most the big players have their production lines based in China. There are obviously various reasons for this, but in the end, it comes down to one simple matter – saving costs. That tariff has changed it all.

PC makers HP, Lenovo, Asus, Dell and others have already moved a portion of their production elsewhere and now it seems that the big console players will be doing the same thing. After standing together against this tariff hike it now seems the inevitable has happened and that certain parts of production will be moving out of China. 

This report comes via Nikkei Asia and states the following:

The industry consensus is to move an average of some 30% of production out of China depending on how important the U.S. market is… Everyone needs to come up with a plan.

According to the report, Microsoft is considering a move to Thailand and Nintendo is, in turn, is thinking of Vietnam to continue production. 

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