Playdead’s next game has some hidden art in job listings

We’re not sure what Limbo and Inside developer Playdead’s next game will be, but we did get a couple of images to tantalise us during the long wait. We got some images of what looks like a destitute planet with our astronaut looking character climbing a mountain. Another image showed us a massive tunnel-like structure. Some more images were dug up by ResetEra members and now we have a few more images that come from the company’s job listings of all places.

Instead of just the two new images, here are all of the ones we have so far to give you a bigger picture of what this new game is all about (thanks PC Gamer):





To reiterate, we know nothing of this game, not even the name. The developers have also loosely said that this will be a big departure for the studio with the game having much more freedom than their previous go-to-the-right titles. Perhaps some 3D open-world exploration like Journey? The planet that the game seemingly takes place on looks to be massive and breathtaking. The thing I’ve noticed about all of these images is that they want to give you a larger sense of scale than what the often claustrophobic previous games had.

Playdead is doing what they’re good at and that’s playing dead until the game finally gets announced. We’ll report on its existence when they finally do.

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