Tetris 99’s second DLC promises more offline play

Tetris 99 was one of those almost funny ideas that eventually took a life of its own and became something brilliant. Tetris battle royale is a ridiculous thing on paper, but in practice, it’s extremely fun and makes complete sense. The game being free gave anyone with a Nintendo Switch the opportunity to play Tetris 99 and try to become the last remaining block wizard. However, it was strange how the game was not monetised one bit. Some people were even confused that there was nothing to buy. 

This changed with the first DLC that released for the game that was titled Big Block. The DLC allowed you to play with the CPU offline and also play the traditional Tetris mode where you just go until you can’t any more. That DLC cost $9.99 which is fair for a game of this quality. The second DLC was announced by Nintendo (in Japanese) and it seems they’re focusing on more offline play. 

The pack is rumoured to contain offline versus modes that allow you to play against someone in the real world, a strange luxury these days. It’s unclear if this will be split-screen or just local play with some else on a Nintendo Switch, but it’s still good news for those that, you know, have friends. More good news is that the mode is included with the price tag of the first DLC, so if you buy the one, you get both. If this is the way they want to monetise Tetris 99, I’m totally fine with it. People can still play the base game for free whenever they want and these DLCs are just additional options for those who love local multiplayer. 

Source: Siliconera

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