Wake up Tenno and watch the best bits of TennoCon 2019

TennoCon 2019 was the fourth annual Warframe conference and it was full of juicy information for anyone who is, or wants to be, a space ninja. A brand new cinematic intro kicked things off, paving the way for new players with slick visuals and a tantalising glimpse into the past era of the Tenno.

The cinematic is shows the Old War, where Warframes rebelled against Orokin masters, fighting Dax Warriors and proto-Grineer soldiers. For new players it showcases the power of the Warframes, and older players will be keen to see the mysteries of the past get explored in the future.

Nightwave season 2 is available right now on all platforms. Nightwave is a free system of daily and weekly challenges for exclusive rewards while delving into some story, this time we meet a child who survives the Infestation unscathed and emerges with the ability to heal.

Another surprise is that Wukong Prime is ready for battle, so get to grinding those relics.

The big focus of the day was more information on Empyrean and how deep space combat will work with the Railjack battleships. The battleship has an in-ship interface for controlling speed and direction, deploying shields, missile volleys and gunner fire. Players can also deploy Archwings and infiltrate enemy ships. These ships can be upgraded and very importantly, customised.

Players will be able to attack enemy ships, or infiltrate them to destroy them from within, or even hijack them. The enemy is not taking this lightly and the Kingpin system will create reactive enemies that will try to stop you from being the space pirate you always dreamed of.

If that wasn’t enough to excite players, Digital Extremes also showed off the Duviri Paradox update trailer. Welcome to a dream-like world where Operators have grown up into adults. It seems the third open world is going to be a rather strange place.

The final tease was a trailer for The New War, which continues the story of the Lotus. Get ready for that later this year with the trailer giving a Christmas 2019 release window.

You can watch the full stream over here. The Empyrean stuff is at the 8-hour mark if you are keen to see it for yourself.

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