KILL la KILL: IF will not be censored according to publisher

In recent months, we saw a Sony take a bit of a stance against content that may be deemed inappropriate to children, and because of that, we have had a lot of debate regarding censorship in video games, especially when said content tends to be more sexual in nature.

This obviously causes some concerns with some upcoming video games, one being the fighting action game KILL la KILL: IF. The game is based on the popular anime of the same name. For those that don’t know, the anime features crazy, over-the-top battles between people in scantily clad uniforms, with them becoming more powerful the more skin they are willing to reveal.

So naturally, fans of the show and upcoming video game adaption were concerned about censorship, but game publisher Arc System Works assured everyone via Twitter, that the game will NOT have any censorship:

This news, which is undoubtedly good, came off the back of the announcement of a  Limited Edition of KILL la KILL: IF, which is unfortunately not available in South Africa.

While it is interesting that nothing will be censored in the game, it should be noted that anime has always used creative ways to censor content that would make the show inappropriate. The censorship of video games debate will undoubtedly continue as we approach the holiday season and next year, especially with big games such as Cyberpunk 2077 expected to have some adult content considering its developer’s background.

In other news: The Kill la KILL: IF demo has been made available on the PlayStation Store if you are interested to give it a crack. The game will also release on Windows and Switch, but no demos are available for those platforms as yet.

Source: PlayStationLifeStyle

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