Nintendo Switch Online officially has over 10 million subscribers

Nintendo got off to a rough start with their Nintendo Switch Online service. The promised classic games were cool but not really that impressive and there weren’t that many incentives to sign up for yet another gaming subscription service. Through the months since its launch, it became a little more tantalising with Tetris 99 releasing and some more games being added to the catalogue of classic games. But just how well has the service done for Nintendo?

It turns out pretty well. During the Company’s 79th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, a Q&A was done with Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa. One of the questions related to the service Furukawa answered with, “The number of subscribers for Nintendo Switch Online has increased steadily since the service was launched last September, and it has now surpassed 10 million accounts.” 

As of March 2019, the Switch has shipped over 34 million units, which means that just about a third of the total Switch user base belongs to the Nintendo Switch Online service. That might seem a bit low, but that’s actually a massive attachment rate. Twitch recently ran a promotion that gives players a year’s worth of Nintendo Switch Online if you just have an Amazon Prime subscription, which might have helped bolster the numbers quite significantly. 

Nintendo does need to put more focus on its service. Their massive back catalogue of games is unrivalled and yet they don’t utilise it as they should. There are also quite a few fringe problems with the service and how it interacts with certain games. With so many subscribers, I’m hoping that Nintendo decides to give the service the attention it deserves. 

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