The zombies and Danny Trejo are coming to Black Ops 4

Do you like killing zombies? Playing Quads in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is about to get a twist a limited time playlist as Blackout mode gets covered in ‘Haunting Fog’ for a short while.

This fog will reduce sightlines and be full of “zombie secrets”. If you don’t want that, you can just play Blackout without the fog, but some zombie-related theming as you run around looking for other groups to kill.

Over on the Alcatraz: Nightfall map, a new game mode will add Hellhounds and the Warden to the island, giving you something new to shoot at, or avoid.

There is also a Sticks and Stones party game, where players need to get as much score as possible in a free-for-all, but armed just with a crossbow, combat axe and ballistic knife.

Treyarch says this will be added during Operation Apocalypse Z:


  • New Specialist: Reaper
  • New Game Mode: Sticks & Stones
  • New Maps (Black Ops Pass):
    • Der Schatten
    • Remnant
    • Havana (Black Ops Flashback)
  • New Alt Map: Jungle Flooded
    + More
  • New Map Updates:
    • The Haunting Fog – An apocalyptic transformation to the main map.
    • Alcatraz: Nightfall – The prison island under the cover of darkness.
  • New Game Modes
    • Quads Fog – A limited-time Quads playlist where cloudy skies hang over an ominous fog.
    • Alcatraz Portals Horde – An Alcatraz game mode with more Zombies enemy types that spawn throughout the map.
  • New Weapons/Equipment
  • New Playable Characters:
    • Shadows
    • Russman
    • Danny Trejo


  • New Experience: “Alpha Omega”
  • New Elixirs:
    • Head Drama
    • Phoenix Up
  • New Perk: Blood Wolf Bite
    + More

Black Market

  • 40 new Contraband stream Tiers
  • Zombies-themed Specialist outfits
  • New Mastercrafts and MKII Weapons
  • Earnable Ultra Weapon Bribe
    + More
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