A Play Later feature has been added to Xbox Game Pass

I really don’t think I have to explain to anyone what Xbox Game Pass is. By now you’re either subbed to the service and enjoying all the goodness on offer or you don’t own a format that can take advantage of it. What started off with the humble beginnings of 100 games has now reached over 200 games in a service that is growing by the week. With all this choice it’s easy to lose track of everything you would love to play and that is where the Play Later feature fits in.

Think of this feature as a ‘Wish List’. It’s just that you don’t have to buy any of the titles that you add to your list of games you would like to play. It’s a simple way to separate the games you’re interested in playing to a list that removes all the clutter. It’s your personal ‘to do’ list of games you need to get through.

The Xbox One July update is currently rolling out and by now you should have received the option to update your firmware, which will add this feature. 


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