Looks like SEGA has a new Super Monkey Ball game in development

It never really got its hooks into most South African players as Super Monkey Ball was originally a huge success on the Nintendo GameCube. It became a huge deal in Japan and the US and later we saw ports of the series to the PS2, Wii, PSP, DS, Vita and mobile where more players had the opportunity to see what all the fuss was about. Controlling monkeys captured inside a ball is more fun than it might sound. It looks like that popular puzzle adventure (patience – it should be a genre) game is returning to us soon.

This bit of news comes via another Taiwanese rating board listing that has been spotted. The Taiwanese rating board is known for leaking details on some unannounced games. They leaked that the words ‘of War’ was dropping from Gears 5, Spyro Ignited Trilogy on PC and the Ghost Busters remaster also showed up there first. So, the chances that you’ll see a new Super Monkey Ball game heading to PC, Switch or PS4 is quite solid. 

We surely hope that it takes advantage of gyro controls on the PS4 and Switch when or if it does show up. 


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